Song Of The Crystal Tree

Genre: Fantasy

Words: 75,000

Status: Seventh Draft

First written: April 2012

Synopsis: As a novice mage, Briar’s future is finally secure. Until bandits attack the town that is, burning it to the ground and kidnapping several of the town’s children including Briar’s younger sister Ava. Determined to save her, Briar sets out to track down the bandits and rescue her sister. But it turns out she’s not the only one following the bandits, and kidnapping is the least of their sins. Joining forces with a motely group of travellers, she is quickly drawn into a desperate plan to stop a fiendish plan to take over the throne from within. But nothing goes to plan and Briar is faced with an impossible choice: her country, or her sister. Only one can be saved.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Magic through music
  • Awesome sisters
  • Creepy villain

Book 1 of The Mutant Files

Genre: Sci-fi

Words: 80,000

Status: Editing-Third Draft

First written: April 2014

Synopsis: Eric: A mutant and the step-son of a mutant, all he wants is to be accepted in a world that thinks mutants need to have their abilities registered for their own ‘good’.

Nicola: Tough government agent and mutant with a useless gift. All she wants is to prove to the doubters that she and her fellow teenaged agents are the equals of any adult team.

When Eric’s step-father, Hector, takes matters into his own hands and protests against the proposed mutant registration laws in ways that border on terrorism, Eric and Nicola are thrown together in the desperate fight to stop him before people get hurt. But Eric can’t trust anyone, and time is running out. Nicola and Eric must get past their differences and learn to work together before Hector completely destroys the delicate balance between regulars and mutants.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Sci-fi fairytale retelling
  • Snow White with a guy
  • Superpowers
  • Cookies

Book 2 of The Mutant Files

Genre: Sci-fi

Words: 112,000

Status: First Draft

First Written: July 2014

Synopsis: Lee: Orphan and mutant with fire powers. Getting through every day unscathed is pretty much his only goal in life.

Sara: Government agent and shapeshifter. As part of a new, barely tried team, she’s struggling to live up to the team under intense pressure from outsiders.

After the failure of his original plans to stop the mutant registration bill, Hector has come up with a new way to force the government not to pass the law. One by one, the children of prominent government ministers are being kidnapped. Working undercover, Sara partners up with Lee to discover where Hector is holding the stolen children before he makes good on his threats to execute them all.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Sci-fi fairytale retelling
  • Cinderella with a guy
  • Superpowers
  • Unlikely heroes
  • Fire

Book 3 of The Mutant Files

Genre: Sci-fi

Words: 74,000

Status: First Draft

First Written: November 2014

Synopsis: Nicola: mutant and agent highly driven to protect her friends. In amidst the growing dangers of her job, all she wants is to keep her little family safe

Eric: New member of the team, currently dying. After a disastrous encounter with his step-father, his ability, the one thing that makes him different, is slowly killing him.

Throughout the city, mutants are exploding, decimating buildings in style. Somehow, Hector, Eric’s step-father and leader of a growing group of mutant rebels, is creating the ultimate army of berserkers. In the midst of this, Nicola has a secondary mission: find a cure for Eric before his condition worsens any further. But her double mission has disastrous consequences, and someone on the team is going to pay the price for Eric’s life.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Sci-fi fairytale retelling
  • Explosions
  • Imminent death
  • Angry blue haired midget people

Blood Debt

Genre: Dystopian

Words: 88,000

Status: First Draft

First Written: November 2015

Synopsis: When the currency is blood, every drop is precious. When Kyra’s father commits suicide, she discovers that he owes a massive debt to the slumlord of Section D: Every drop of blood she possesses in her entire body. To be paid in full. Desperate, she makes a new deal. Kidnap the son of a leading scientist in exchange for cancelling the debt. But when Kyra successfully brings the boy in, she finds the rules have changed and her debt is not yet paid. With her world rapidly falling in around her, Kyra must find a way to protect her family, rescue the very boy she kidnapped, and stop a rebellion she helped cause before the city falls into chaos, and the streets run red with blood.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Blood as money
  • Dystopian societies
  • Awesome family loyalty
  • Debts that can kill

Unnamed Thriller

Genre: Thriller

Words: 88,000

Status: First Draft

First Written: November 2015

Synopsis: Amber Fox, government agent and coffee connoisseur, is adamant she doesn’t need a new partner. But when someone kills a prominent government minister, her new partner becomes the least of her troubles. Add in an illegal immigrant network and an imminent terrorist threat, coupled with her sister’s determined attempts to get her back in the dating game, and Amber has more than enough to keep her busy. But, as she digs deeper, it becomes apparent that all these events are connected somehow. As they get closer to figuring out who is behind all this, the fight becomes personal. Now it’s a race to find the man responsible before he harms her family. Because when it comes to family, Amber will do anything to protect the ones she loves.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Coffee
  • Crazy family
  • Cute nieces
  • Sarcasm

The Dragon Thief

Genre: Fantasy

Words: 83,000

Status: First Draft

First Written: April 2016

Synopsis: Renowned thief Maya is facing a lifetime in prison. Which, for an elf, is a very long time indeed. But when an important magical object is stolen, the ruling council make her an offer she simply cannot refuse: Find the object, and earn a complete pardon. Maya sets out to find the thief and retrieve the object with the help of an unlikely team made up of the captain of the guard, Xavier, and her best friend Zanth, who also happens to be a dragon. But, with the deadline looming, and the object well hidden, Maya will need all her cunning to get out of this one. After all, it takes a thief to catch a thief.

Why this book is awesome:
  • Dragons
  • Thieves
  • Flying around on dragons
  • Did I mention the dragons?

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