Gossiping with Dragons


Well, hello there! I was so caught up in the book I’m writing that I almost didn’t see you there. Sorry about that. These characters are so insistent that I listen to them and get their story written. Have you ever had to deal with demanding characters like these? Mine are all superheroes at the moment, which are safer to leave alone than dragons thankfully.

Still, dragons are my favourite characters, which is why my blog is named after them. I bet that, if I ever got invited to tea with a dragon, they would have lots of interesting gossip to tell me. But first I think that I’d have to convince the dragon that I’m a person worth talking to. After all, when you’re such an ancient, respected creature, you don’t have to waste time on boring people. What could I tell the dragon to convince him to let me come round for tea?

I could tell him that I live in Australia with my rather large family. Would he find my four sisters and two (living) brothers interesting? Maybe he might like to hear about my little village, tucked away in a corner of the famous Australian bush. I don’t think dragons visit the bush much. But maybe he’d want to come and visit, and the bush is highly flammable. What if he sneezed while smelling the bush flowers and started a bushfire? It might be safer if I didn’t mention this.

He might be more interested in my writing. After all, my favourite genre to write is fantasy, with lots of elves and dragons and dwarves and magic. He is, after all, one of the most famous creatures in fantasy. Yes, that might make me interesting enough to invite over. If he doesn’t get offended by the way I’ve written my dragons that is. He could be touchy about that. I wouldn’t want to upset a dragon.

I wonder if the dragon likes to write? Maybe I could invite him to join me in doing NaNoWriMo this year. I bet if he tried it once he would love it as much as I do. We could become writing buddies and race each other in a few word wars. But what if he thinks that that is beneath him? And what would he do if I beat him? I don’t want him to eat me. I’m not sure that’s a safe idea.

I know. I could show him this blog. He might find that interesting, especially as I named it after dragons in his honour. I can just imagine him nodding his big head in approval. He’d want to know what I’m going to be writing about on the blog. Well, I am a writer after all. I’ll be writing about writing of course. That’s my favourite hobby after all.

Maybe he’d ask me why I think I could write anything useful about writing. I’m not a bestselling writer, or even published yet. I’m just a little university student who happens to have a million worlds in her head that beg to be written about. What could I possibly have to say? Well, I’m planning on sharing what I’m learning about in my own writing. As a young writer, I’m always learning more about the craft, and I’m studying it in university so maybe I’ll learn something interesting. I want to share my own writing with people. And I want to connect with other writers.

The dragon looks at me when I tell him about the blog. He cocks his head on one side, considering what I’ve just said. “Well, that all sounds rather interesting,” he says in his deep, rumbling voice. “I’ll consider inviting you to tea. But I want to see what you do with this blog first. It’s got dragons in the title, so I expect it to be good, understand?” I nod. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out.

So, welcome to Gossiping with Dragons. I hope you’ll stay around, and maybe even leave me a comment. I’d love to get to know you better. Now, if you’ll excuse me, those superheroes are calling to me. Got to write!

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  1. I giggled. Good introduction!

    1. Thanks Dragon. I'm glad it made you laugh. Hope this blog is good enough to persuade the dragon to let me come to tea. Otherwise you might have to talk to him for me.

  2. O.o I didn't register you replied until now.. Silly me. I think he would. If not, I will glare at him until he decides to have tea.

    1. Your glaring would do the trick I think. You're most likely better at being stubborn and scary than him. All you'll have to do is say RAWRS,


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