Writing Music: Romance Round-Up


What’s better than one piece of writing music? Why, it’s a whole list of them of course. This week I’ve rounded up some of my favourite songs that are just perfect for romantic inspiration of all kinds. You probably recognise most of these musicians by now, and I promise I have some musical variety coming up soon, but these songs are all so beautiful I couldn’t resist gathering them up into one post of romantic awesomeness.

What Are Words
Piano Guys

This is a gentle song that showcases the beautiful side of a romance. It’s well-worth listening to the words, which are a beautiful promise of faithfulness, through the bad times as well as the good. The backstory to this song is actually very interesting. It was written Chris Medina for his fiancée after she was in a car accident and suffered brain damage. This is the perfect song for a couple firmly in love.

My Heart Will Go On
Taylor Davis

This piece has all the atmosphere of romance to it. It’s very gentle, but at the same time filled with lilting promises of love. It would make a perfect piece to listen to while writing a happy romance scene, especially as it has no words to distract from the beauty of the scene. It would especially suit a scene with a dance or first declarations of love.

Everybody’s Got Somebody But Me
Peter Hollens

This song is for the characters who aren’t in love, but would like to be, especially characters who are surrounded by friends who have significant others. Despite this song being a bit of a lament about the single state, it manages to have a very positive feel to it and would, in my opinion, suit a character with a positive outlook on life.


Sometimes romances don’t always go the way you thought they would. This is the theme song of the person left behind at the end of a relationship. This is perfect for inspiration for characters getting over a break-up of any kind. One of the great things about this song though, is that is isn’t over the top with the drama, or full of recriminations. Plus there is an epic typewriter in the music video. I wants one.

Happily Ever After
Gardiner Sisters

This song is for the character on the other side of the relationship, the character who realises that the relationship isn’t working and is ready to move on. This character recognises that they deserve better than a relationship dependent on the whims of one partner, and is prepared to take the first step to go and find their happily ever after.

These are some of my favourite songs for romantic inspiration. What songs get you in the mood to write a good romance? Any of these songs appeal to you? What are you listening to this week?

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  1. Great song choices! I love What Are Words, especially.

    1. I hadn't heard of the song before the Piano Guys covered it, but it's so beautiful, isn't it?

  2. WOW love the new blog design...don't know if it's new or if I missed something, but it looks so professional and clean! So much love!

    I love that last song you shared, never heard it before! I'm a failure when it comes to writing romance so I don't put it in most of my books, so sadly I don't have any romance mood-setitng songs. :( Wish I did because I would share them!


    1. It's brand new, so you didn't miss anything. I'm glad you like it. I'm so pleased with it myself.

      Don't worry, I'm terrible at writing romance too. I love the romance mood-setting songs though. They've very helpful for the few scenes containing any level of romance. Plus most of these songs are perfect for listening to even when not writing, which is super nice.


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