Amazing Readers and Epic Awards


I have some of the best readers in the world. It’s a fact. Sometimes these readers tag me with awards and make my day. Unfortunately, I’m not always the best at accepting these awards quickly, so consequently I have five awards from four amazing bloggers to accept. I could abide by the rules and write a post of epic proportions. But I was always a bit of a rebel, so I’m going to combine the rules for all awards and hope that you will forgive me for not doing this properly.

Kat from (Almost)Completely Mad and Aimee from To The Barricade both tagged me for the Blogger Recognition Award, which asks me to share my blogging story and a few tips. Aimee also gave me the One Lovely Blog award, which I need to list seven facts about myself for. Finally, Heather from Sometimes I’m a Story and Rachel from Secret Scribblings both tagged me for the Best Blogging Buddy award, which needs me to answer fifteen questions from each blogger. Thank you all so much for tagging me for these awards. I really appreciate having you all as my amazing readers.

Being the rebel that I am, I’m going to answer a combined seven questions that will tell seven facts about me and give my blogging story at the same time. Will this work? I certainly hope so.

The Questions, Facts and Story

How long have you been blogging? Is this your first blog?

I first started blogging in 2010, which was about the time when most of my sisters as well as my mum started blogging. We like to steal each other’s good ideas. I’d never even seen a blog when I created my first blog, and I probably should have found out what blogging was about before I started a blog. But leap into it I did and I’ve never looked back.

Gossiping with Dragons is actually my third blog, and by far my favourite. But writing on two other blogs before this has given me valuable experience in what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. My top three blogging tips are:

1. Write what you want to write. Don’t write what you think other people want you to. Blogging is about being authentic, sharing what matters to you. It’s your blog. Write what you like.

2. Make friends. I’ve been lucky enough to make amazing friends like Rachel, Kat, Aimee and Heather while I’ve been blogging. Go out, visit other people’s blogs and make some amazing friends of your own. It makes blogging way more fun.

3. Don’t obsess over numbers. They’ll drive you crazy. Just focus on putting your best work out there, connecting with other people and being yourself. The numbers will come with time.

Do you see yourself blogging in the future?

I certainly do. I only started Gossiping with Dragons earlier this year. For the longest time before that, I wanted to have a writing blog where I could share my ideas about writing. But it was only this year that I got up the courage to actually start it. I love blogging, and I can definitely see myself doing it well into the future.

What are your top five favorite blogs?

Ooh, this is a hard one. I don’t like picking one blogger over another. So I’m going to break the rules again, just a little. But my amazing taggers all deserve some recognition. 

Do you spend more time reading or writing?

It used to be that it was pretty even. I love to read and I love to write and the two go so well together. But recently there has been a shortage of free time, so writing has taken first place and reading has to squeeze in around the edges.

Was there ever a time you thought the movie was actually better than the book?

Surprisingly, yes. How to Train Your Dragon is way better as a movie than it is as a book. I wasn’t so fussed over the book sadly. The humour didn’t appeal to me. But it makes for one awesome movie. Dragons. Enough said.

Would you rather BE a dragon, or HAVE a dragon?

I was torn over this, until I remembered that dragons don’t eat chocolate. So I’d rather have one. I love my tea and chocolate too much. Plus then knights won’t keep trying to kill me. Occupational hazard of being a dragon.

Of all the characters you've ever written, who is your favorite and why?

You’re asking me to pick between my fictional children? That is an impossible question. Instead I’m going to tell you one of my favourite characters I’ve written recently. Her name is Miriam, she’s six years old, and boy is she a handful. As a bonus for you (and to make up for the fact I’m totally cheating on these awards) I’ll share one of my favourite scenes involving her:

“Where are we going?” Miriam asked when they didn’t turn onto the road home. “Are we going to get a milkshake?” Her face lit up. “I want a strawberry milkshake. And a donut. Please Uncle Donny?”

“No, we’re not going to get a milkshake,” Don said. “Uncle Donny has to go and talk to a man. You’ll just have to come with me.”

Miriam stuck out her lower lip, which immediately started to wobble. “But I want a milkshake. I firsty Uncle Donny. Please?”

“No.” He was immune to the wobbly lip. Even though that pout was kinda cute on her. But no, he wasn’t going to be bullied into buying sickly pink milkshakes when he was supposed to be on a case. She’d just have to do without.

Huge tears welled up in Miriam’s eyes. “I wanna milkshake,” she bawled. Don watched in the rearview mirror as she proceeded to thrash her arms and legs like a fish on a hook, her face turning redder and redder. Her mouth opened wide and an ear splitting scream poured out. He winced, ducking his head slightly, as if that was going to help. She didn’t seem to need to breathe either.

Don made it forty five seconds before he gave in. “Fine. I’ll buy you one. But after Uncle Donny has done his work. You have to be a good girl though, ok?”

The tears magically stopped. “And a donut?” Miriam asked.

“Fine,” Don sighed. “And a donut. But you have to be very good.”

“I be good Uncle Donny.” Just like that, the sunny smile came back and Don knew she’d played him for a sucker. It was a depressing feeling, knowing that he had been outwitted by a six year old.

Would you rather be a dragon, or have one? Is it unfair to make a writer choose between their characters? Do you get behind on accepting awards too?

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  1. Lovely post! I totally approve of breaking the rules, so it's cool. :) And I totally agree with wanting a dragon instead of being one since dragons can't eat chocolate - not being able to have chocolate would really be a tragedy. And, I mean, a pet dragon would just be the coolest.

    Also. Miriam is adorable. That is all.

    1. A life without chocolate would be only half a life! A pet dragon would be amazing. Only I think I'd have to have two, because I'd like a massive one to ride, and a pocket sized cute little one because cute. Aw, thanks. I love her to bits.

  2. That was amazingly diplomatic in such a way that you accomplished all obligations without taking up too much of your our our time. *applauds in slight awe*

    It's so cool to hear your stories, because those are some of my favorite things to read, and I love the snippet you shared! Six year olds... What are you going to do?

    1. Why thank you. It was my own fault for not accepting all these lovely awards sooner, so compromise had to be made. I don't normally write posts this long, so I applaud you for getting to the end. Six year olds are ever so devious. They always know exactly what to do to get what they want. I almost think she'd make a better detective than her uncle does!

  3. Awesome post Imogen! I LOVE COMPROMISE!! XD

    1. Thanks Rachel, and thanks so much for the tag!


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