Writing Music: My Freedom + Round Up


Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot more Two Steps From Hell. They have a seriously epic assortment of music, suiting many different moods. Their music has the feel of a good movie soundtrack, emotive and evocative. I enjoy listening to their pieces when I’m studying or writing. One of my recent discoveries in their archives of music is gorgeous piece called My Freedom, from their album, Miracles.

The beginning of this piece reminds me very much of a wild Scottish setting, with a spirited young Scottish girl. However, the song soon builds up into an epic vocal chorus, full of fire and a determination for life. I don’t see this so much as a war cry, but as a personal battle cry, a promise to follow one’s own path and keep ones freedom secure. This piece would suit a fantasy novel, or possibly a historical.

Also, it has been quite the week for significant blogging events. My good friend Katie Grace@A Writer’s Faith is celebrating her first blogoversay. You should definitely hop over and visit her and congratulate her.

My lovely friend Liz Brook@Out of Coffee, Out of Mind is celebrating her first blogoversary as well. And she also giving away a 60thAnniversary edition of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. You should definitely hop over to congratulate her and enter her giveaway, open internationally.

And finally, my friend Annie Hawthorne from Twitter has just started her own blog @Curious Wren, and she’s having a blog party and an awesome giveaway to celebrate. I’m sure she would really appreciate it if you hopped over and checked out her blog, and maybe enter her giveaway and join in with her blog party.

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  1. Oh, I liked the dramaticness of the piece along with the calmness of her voice! That's so cool. :) Thank you for sharing. Also I have seen that Grace and Liz are having blogoversaries but I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO CONGRATULATE THEM YET AND I NEED TO GET ON THAT. *hurries away*

    1. She has such a beautiful voice. I'm a big fan of the vocals in this piece actually. Thanks for stopping to listen to it.

  2. I love this piece! I just bought the album because TSFH is having a massive sale over on iTunes. All of their albums for only $6! I've also been to Katie's Blogoversary and I'm looking to Liz's soon. ^ ^


    1. I've been meaning to buy an album my TSFH for ages. I love their music so much. It's so good for writing to, isn't it?


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