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Occasionally people tag me for a blog tag, and very occasionally I remember that I have been tagged and decide to write a post in which I do said tag (and then contemplate how many times I can get away with saying the word ‘tag’ in one sentence). This is one of those rare occasions. The lovely Liz@Out Of Coffee Out Of Mind nominated me for the Get To Know You tag. And, seeing as I rarely talk about myself outside of what I’m writing, I thought, well, why not? Somebody might be interested in knowing a little about the person behind the blog. So, here I am, in a veritable feast of questions and answers. These are not all the questions mind you. I never play by the rules with tags, and I have taken the liberty of cutting out a few. However, you can see the full list on Liz’s blog.

Vital Stats

Name: Imogen Elvis

Nicknames: Nothing much of note. I go by Immy occasionally, usually called that by family, but I’m not really a person who gets nicknamed much.

Birthday: November. I shan’t disclose what day. You can all guess that in the comments. But, being born in this particular month, it should be no surprise that I love NaNoWriMo so much. You could almost say that I was born to it.

Occupation: Full time writer, blogger, and musician. So far unpaid at all. And so far completely undaunted by this fact.


For a writer, I am terrible as describing myself, so here, have a handy picture to guide you through my somewhat lacklustre answers to these very basic questions.

Hair color: Golden brown. I sometimes wanted red hair, or black hair, or even blond hair, because all the book heroines seem to have any colour but brown. However, for brown, it’s not a bad shade.

Hair length: Long. You can’t see that from my handy dandy picture, so you’ll have to take my word for it. It currently comes down to the middle of my back, and appears to want to keep creeping down. Maybe there’s a Rapunzel shaped role in my future?

Eye color: Blue. Don’t ask me what shade. They’re…blue? I got nothing.

Best feature: I have a best feature? Ok, how about the dimple in my left cheek? They’re supposed to be nice, right? (Someone help me out here)

Braces: Once. Also plates, because I had a tiny mouth. The result was worth it but the process was vastly less than comfortable.

Righty or lefty: Right handed.


Award: First official award that I can remember was an award from a first aid group I used to belong to. I got it when I was 10-11, for being the best all-round first aider in the junior division of the group. I was so proud of it, because it actually looked like a trophy and I always wanted to have one of those. And the best bit was I got to keep it forever instead of handing it back the next year. It’s still lurking in my cupboard somewhere, gathering a mountain of dust I suppose.

Sport: That would be swimming. One has to learn the fine art of drowning properly, avoiding sharks, and rescuing damsels in distress from an early age. M sporting history isn’t a very long or varied one I’m afraid.

Concert: I can remember going to a student piano concert when I was small, does that count? My piano teacher always used to hold an end of year concert and all her students would play something and then we’d have a Christmas party after that. I thought I was fabulous. Then again, I was only around six, so I very definitely wasn’t.


Film: No contest. Beauty and the Beast. I can watch that movie for a week straight and still love it to bits. My family has literally taken to banning me from watching it when they get sick of seeing it. Alas, I can no longer take it on family holidays. But Belle loves books. And the Beast is cute and childish. And the songs. I love everything about this movie. (Except the last five minutes. I refuse to believe they ever happened. One does not simply turn a magnificent beast into a wimpy little man with a big nose.)

TV show: Probably Dr Who. I’m not really one for picking favourite TV shows. I usually end up watching older ones that have already finished. I think Dr Who is pretty much the only one I actually keep up with currently.

Color: Blue.

Song: Don’t ask me that. I like all the songs. I just like music in general. You can’t make me choose that. I refuse!

Shop: Officeworks. It’s a show full of stationary and office supplies. It has pens and notebooks and Post-It Notes. What’s not to love? I could die happy in a shop like that.

Book: Again, difficult choice. However, I shall only cheat mildly, and will restrain myself to a list of three. The criteria being the books I remember first that always make me feel good while reading them, and that I’ve practically warn out. First come, first listed. This is very scientific folks:
Persuasion by Jane Austen
The Seer and the Sword by Victoria Hanley
The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery


Feeling: Tired mostly. But also contented. It’s been a good week so far, if much too busy. I caught up on my editing goal, released a new music video on my channel, shared an excerpt of my book on the blog, and consumed rather a lot of tea. I count this as a success.

Eating: Nothing. I don’t eat and blog at the same time. One cannot fully appreciate the deliciousness of food while trying to be clever.

Listening to: Random music on YouTube. At this very second it’s Jackie Evancho’s cover of Safe and Sound from The Hunger Games.

Thinking about: Lots of things. How to fit 3k of editing into an hour and a half of evening. Is that even possible with my brain going SQUIRREL every thirty seconds. Can I possibly come up with something clever to post on Twitter. How soon will I be fed again.  All the important questions of life.

Watching: Working my way through the TV show Life On Mars. Totally not getting the 70’s but having an excellent time laughing at the fashions.


Careers in mind: That implies that I would want to change my current career of writer/blogger/musician. Which I certainly do not. A career where I get to stay home and explore fictional worlds, share my random writerly musings with other strange people like myself, and create music sounds pretty much perfect to me.

Where do you want to live: Somewhere around where I live now. I’d like to stay near my family if at all possible. 1. Because they’re my support group and cheerleaders, 2. Who else am I going to share random lame puns and odd jokes with, and 3. I introvert enough as it is. I’d miss them greatly and the world would never see me again. I need them to help make me appear sociable.

And now for a quick fire round.
Do you believe in…

God: Yes
Miracles: Yes
Love at first sight: Not really.
Ghosts: Only in books
Aliens: I like the conspiracy theories they create.
Yourself: I do. Some days more than others. But I always work my hardest to hold onto my belief in myself and what I am doing. Because if I don’t believe, how can I hope to succeed?

And that’s probably more than you ever hoped to know about me. I’d love for you to answer one or two of these questions in the comments so I can get to know you better. Tell me an interesting fact about yourself. Or, if you feel daring, do this tag yourself and leave me a link to your post so I can come and learn more about you! 

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  1. Heh, I totally agree with you on the last five minutes of Beauty and the Beast! Such a frustrating ending. I personally thought the Beast was handsomer as a Beast. My mom's a November baby too.

    1. I know, right? Beast is such a gorgeous character as he is. I love the fact he's so big and strong and acts like a child. Him becoming a human in any form kind of feels like a let down after the amazingness that is him in beastly form. But this particular prince was such a terrible contrast! So glad to see I'm not the only one who isn't a big fan of the prince.

  2. Awww, the picture of you is so nice! I love the colors in it.
    Hmm... for your birthday... I'm going to guess Novemember 19th.

    The cover of Safe and Sound is so pretty! I already love that song, but it's very nice with Jackie's voice.

    1. How are you so good at guessing? That is very almost the right day. It's such a lovely song, isn't it. The Hunger Games has an amazing soundtrack. Thanks for stopping by, Katie!

  3. THIS WAS SO GREAT IMOGEN. (I shall resist calling you Immy because I'm wise .ahem.) And you HAVE SUCH A NICE FACE ALSO. Also why is it that book characters don't like to have brown hair? Sheesh. I'm trying to remedy this and in my wattpad book BOTH my characters have brown hair/brown eyes. *nods* WE MUST WORK ON THIS, IMOGEN!

    Also Safe & Sound is such a gorgeous song. :')

    Ooh, good luck squishing all that editing in. XD I just finished my latest round of edits and am now trying to decide whether to edit more or start a new draft. GAH. LIFE. Coming up with funny things for twitter is fun...but time-consuming. ;D I hear ya there!

    This was a post of most gloriousness! :D

    1. I've always wondered that about hair. Either they have anything but brown hair, or if it is brown, then it's always a nasty shade, or considered boring. Yay for remedying this though!

      It's funny how much effort is required to make one semi-intelligent tweet, isn't it? I know it always takes me far longer than I think it should to come up with something interesting.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Cait!

  4. Yeah, how come nobody has brown hair? BROWN HAIR IS AWESOME. Even brown hair that isn't seductively wavy. Like really.

    Let's see... Alas, I don't know your favorite books. And I really admire that you're willing to commit to being an artist/writer/musician person even though you're not benefiting monetarily from it this instant. I know that it's impossible to believe in yourself all the time, but I still love that you're believing in yourself enough to keep going. :)

    1. Exactly! Straight, normal brown hair can be nice too. We should start a character hair revolution...

      I've always thought that that's something you have to accept about whatever career you go into. You're not always going to believe that you're doing well, making a difference, or achieving anything. And that's just part of life. You just have to accept that there are going to be bad days as well as good ones.

  5. I second Heather. Why can't we have more bookish characters with brown hair. There are so many shades of brown hair, and it's such a great color--why can't we have more character with brown hair? *grumble grumble* Also, that picture of you is super nice. *nods*

    Ooh, November birthdays are cool. If I had to pick a different birthday month, I would totally choose November. *nods* Cake and writing go rather well together. And, I'm going to guess *think deeply for a moment* that your birthday is on the 11th.

    Thanks for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers! :)

    1. Thank you for tagging me for this Liz. I had great fun answering all the questions and I'm surprised at how many people have stopped by to learn more about me. It's really nice actually.

      Cake and writing do indeed go very well together. I've always liked the fact that my birthday falls right in the middle of November. Usually I've finished word count by then, so I can have a true celebration. You're pretty close to my birthday in your guess!

  6. That's a really nice picture of you, Imogen! I love the jewelry you're wearing there, too. Is it turquoise?

    I don't think I could choose a favorite song, either. I have too many favorites by too many bands and artists! And I love your choice of career, because that would be mine as well. We just have to keep working toward that goal, right? ;)

    Hmmmm, no one has guessed your birthday yet. Since Katie Grace was so close... I'm going to say November 20th?

    I actually got tagged on the Get To Know You Tag a couple months ago... Just haven't gotten around to it. :S So many blog post ideas, and not enough time!

    1. Aw, thank you. I'm not sure what it is. I borrowed it from my mum. It is really pretty though.

      You got it! Nice guessing.

      I'd love to see your Get to Know You tag if/when you have time to post it. And you're totally right. So many posts that could be written if only we had enough time. I'd love a link to your blog actually. I couldn't find one through your profile and I'd love to visit you back.

  7. It's great getting to know you better! I also love Beauty and the Beast and the color blue. That cover of Safe and Sounds is so pretty! I love the Hunger Games so much. ^ ^


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