Writing Music: Dystopian Duo


I love it when people suggest new music to me. It’s always exciting to explore a new musician’s songs and to test them out as soundtrack to my writing sessions. One last week’s Writing Music post, my friend Kat suggested I might like the music of a violinist called Daniel Jang. And she was completely right. In fact, I enjoyed his music so much that today, I’m sharing not one, but two of his pieces.

Daniel Jang’s covers of Royals and Radioactive both gave me an instant dystopian feel. For those who don’t know, dystopian stories are set in a future where things get worse, not better. Basically, dystopia is the opposite of utopia. The settings in the music videos, the purposeful beat to the music, the way it sounds a little bit tough, all combines in my mind to make me imagine a dystopian setting. Royals especially makes me think of a character living on the streets of a dystopian city.

There is something about taking the lyrics away from a song that sparks my imagination, like the music itself has a story to tell.  I know I don’t normally post two pieces in one week, but these songs just had to go together. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What music have you been listening to? Got any good music to recommend to me? What is your favourite instrumental version of a song?

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  1. Oh my... he is amazing!:)
    I kept replaying both clips..
    Thank you so much Imogen for sharing!
    The Journeys' of my beating heart

    1. He is so good, isn't he? I've been listening to his music non-stop for three days now. Those two are still definitely my favourites. I'm really glad you liked them. I always hope that people are going to enjoy the music I share every Friday, so it's great to hear that you do!

  2. If we're completely honest with each other, I've been listening to Phineas and Ferb songs these last few days... Woe is I. But your instrumental favs are much better, believe me. XD

    1. Nothing wrong with a bit of Phineas and Ferb every so often. If I'm completely honest, I often go on a big Disney music spree and spend days listening to awesome villain songs. Not as elegant and write-to-able as these, but definitely fun!

  3. Radioactive is the best! It is a flexible song, which can be applied anywhere and to any story. Almost.

    1. It's a great song. I've heard several different covers of it now, and I like it just as well with lyrics as without. It's just got this universal feel to it, hasn't it?
      One of these days I'm actually going to listen to the original...


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