Writing Music: Peril


I don’t play many video games, but I do love to listen to the music from the gameplay. It’s almost as good as movie soundtracks to write to, atmospheric, and filled with feelings that make it perfect for writing to. This week, I discovered an instrumental piece called Peril, from the game Halo 2. It’s only short, but it would make a great piece to write to.

To me, this piece feels like someone is sneaking around in the daylight, someone who is capable of handling themselves but needs to remain undetected. There’s an underlying feeling of tension to this piece, like the character is always looking over their shoulder, but there’s no immediate threat to their safety. It might also suit a scene of traveling through some strange land, where the characters are interested and maybe amazed, but not comfortable.

What have you been listening to this week? I love to discover new music. Suggest me some!

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  1. Lol awesome! I can definitely see what you are talking about. My brother and I (being gamers) love game soundtracks, and I do sometimes use them for writing music. The downside for me is, it makes me think of the game instead of my book. X)

    1. It is very emotional and storylike music, isn't it? It's nice just to listen to as well. I can definitely see how listening to the music while writing could be a problem when you know the game though. I rarely play video games of any sort, so there's thankfully no association there for me.

  2. I love movie soundtracks! And that song is cool; it does sound like what you described. :) (I found your blog through Kat's btw. :)) Music I've been listening to recently would be the Rise of the Guardians soundtrack, it's beautiful. :)


    a free mind

    1. Ooh, I don't think I've listened to that one yet, though I love the movie. I'm going to have to check that one out sometime soon. I do love a good movie soundtrack. Thanks for visiting SW


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