NaNoWriMo Update #2


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It's Day 11 of NaNoWriMo, which puts us smack bang in the middle of Week Two. Ah Week Two, that lovely time where the initial rush of excitement is wearing off and the hard work is setting in. Maybe the plot has wandered from the outline, the characters have developed minds of their own and are wrecking your best laid plans, or maybe you’re just exhausted after well over a week of writing every day. I know I’m a bit tired by now. Which makes this the perfect time to stop and look back at my progress so far. If you remember, at the beginning of the month I stated three goals I wanted to achieve over the course of this November. So, how am I going?

Goal 1. Write In Ten Different Locations

Only one location to add to my list this week. Being able to write while travelling is somewhat of a luxury for me, as usually I’m the one driving, so it’s a huge bonus to be able to make use of that extra time spent on the road to pound out a couple of hundred words or so. It all adds up. I’m definitely going to have to try harder over the next couple of weeks if I’m going to achieve this goal though.

Goal 2. Achieve Three 10k Days (Achieved Nov. 3rd)

I finish this goal in the first three days, something I wasn’t expecting. Something else I wasn’t expecting to happen was this:

Yep, that’s right. I hit 50k! How my hands and brain ever managed that I will never know. However, progress slacked off almost immediately, as you can see by my handy dandy little graphic here. What happened on those two 2k days? I may have been a little bit sick there and totally not motivated to write at all? I’m definitely not hitting 10k days at the moment, but, with a history of RSI, plus wanting to actually graduate from uni at some point soon, I’ve had to scale back on the speed for a bit. Later in the month though…

Also Katie Grace, as I haven’t had a chance to answer your comment yet, you can totally use graphs. Everyone can use graphs! Everyone should. We could take over the world with graphs…

Goal 3. Write Two Books

I’m well up on this goal. I hit 80k today, and we’re reaching the final climax of book number one. At the very latest, I hope to have it finished by the end of Friday, all being well. Though why this story is taking so many words to tell is beyond me. I dread to think of what the edits are going to be like. Phhhft. What am I say? Every NaNoWriMo is a challenge to fix later.

And now, seeing as it’s been a whole week, it must be time for a few more excerpts from my novel. So here, have some more (hopefully without any embarrassing typos this time. I blame it all on NaNo Brain. It’s totally a thing.)

Now, you tell me, how is your NaNo going? Have the week two blues struck, or are you powering on through? What’s your word count at? Ahead, behind, on target, finished already? Got an excerpt to share? If you’re not doing NaNo, how’s your month going? Are you writing at the moment?

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  1. You literally inspire me Imogen, 80k?!! That's amazing! I have a day off from school today so I'm definitely going to take this opportunity to write, write, write!


  2. Eep! I saw your graph again and thought "Ooh, I should go see if she has replied to my comment yet..." and then I saw my name there. It made me happy. :D
    I really love all your yellow colors. *looks sadly at my graph* No yellow blanks for me... yet. Hopefully I'll fill my first one in this Saturday. :D

    1. I've been so lax on answering comments recently that I figured it was probably easier for you to see my answer in a post, so I'm glad you saw it!

  3. Wow! *claps* That's awesome I've got 31,700! The week two blues have hit a little but I'm powering through. ^ ^ I'm trying to finish my novel before I go out of town on the 19th (and I have to drive). XD

    1. The week two blues are the worse. I'm glad they didn't hit you too badly!


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