Writing Music: Duel of the Fates


With the new Star Wars film The Force Awakens being released this week, it seems only fitting that this week’s Writing Music come from the series soundtrack. Which means that the piece is iconic, dramatic, and well-loved. This piece being, of course, Duel of the Fates. While there are many amazing pieces from all the Star Wars soundtracks, this one in particular is an all-time favourite of mine.

Duel of the Fates is an epic action piece, full of tension, drama, and a feeling of a desperate and final battle. It evokes images of a showdown between hero and villain where you know someone will die. The choral adds a sense of gravity and finality, while the violins up the tension, turning this into a perfect piece to play while writing your final battle. In my opinion, this piece would suit a fight between a couple of characters, rather than a larger battle with armies. It would suit many genres, not just sci-fi.

What is your favourite piece from the Star Wars series? What music do you listen to while writing climaxes? And what are you listening to at the moment? Are you still writing over the Christmas season, or are you taking a break until the New Year?

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  1. YES DUEL OF THE FATES IS SO GOOD. Especially for any scene that is super grand and epic. Although my fav Star Wars music will always be the Imperial March.

  2. Great piece! It's one of my favorite from Star Wars. ^ ^


  3. Honestly, I've never watched Star Wars, and I feel like I need to remedy that. It's been such a huge deal this year that I need to know what the hype is all about!

    I'll have to come back and listen with a better appreciate once I watch the movie, haha.


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