Writing Music: Hidden Falls


Intense scenes, such as scenes of loss, defeat, joy, or epic battles, are often easier to write when you have the right soundtrack playing. But what about all those lesser scenes, the ones that are still important, but not charged with as much emotion or tension? For me, I like to have a piece or two of calmer background music to suit a variety of general scenes when I don’t need something too specific. Today’s piece, Hidden Falls, composed and performed by violinist Taylor Davis, is perfect for listening to during general writing sessions, or scenes that don’t need particular soundtracks.

Hidden Falls is a very gentle instrumental piece which is perfect for playing in the background while writing most scenes. It has a very peaceful feel to it with repeating melodies that allow the music to fade to the back of your consciousness while you’re writing, while still being evocative enough to provide inspiration. While this piece would suit most scenes, it would especially suit scenes set outdoors, in the countryside, or while travelling.

What music are you listening to at the moment? What songs do you listen to when you don’t need a piece to suit a certain scene? Recommend me some music!

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  1. Ooo! This piece is so pretty! I really like Taylor Davis. She does a bunch of really cool songs! I only discovered her a month ago. Is this your favorite of hers? Mine is probably "Sadness and Sorrow" from Naruto. It's such a touching piece.


    1. I love her music so much, especially when she does movie themes, though the gaming music is really cool, even without knowing anything about the games. I love this piece, but I don't really have a favourite from her music yet. There are too many good pieces! Ooh, "Sadness and Sorrow" is a really good piece too.


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