Writing Music: Crusader Kings II


I’m always looking for new music to inspire my writing, and I love it when people recommend new music to me. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes I don’t quite connect with it, but it’s always worthwhile trying it out. And when I do find good new music, it’s very exciting. A couple of weeks ago my friend Whim suggested that I might enjoy the soundtrack to the Crusader Kings II video game. I gave it a listen and was blown away by how amazing the music is. One of my favourite pieces was A Simple Song for Commoners.

This piece feels like medieval fantasy, full of ladies in long dresses, brave knights, lords and peasants. I love the sounds of the lute and the drums. Listening to this piece inspires all sorts of ideas for fantasy. It feels like a piece for the working class, to me, simple, conjuring up images of the open countryside, sunshine and good honest work. This would be great as inspiration for a village, especially near a castle, or for a happy scene set outside, maybe with a little romance woven into it.

What does this piece of music suggest to you? What are you listening to this week? Any suggestions for new music for me?

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