Writing Music: Hedwig's Theme


Taylor Davis, one of my favourite Youtube musicians, has covered plenty of movie and video game music. I find many of her covers to be very inspiring, and, because most of them are instrumental only, they make perfect music to write to. One such piece is her cover of Hedwig’s Theme, from the Harry Potter movies. While I’ve never see the movies, the music is amazing, and one of my favourites.

This song always makes me think of characters having adventures in the dark of night, when everything is so much creepier than in the daylight. The constant movement of the music makes me think of a racing heartbeat. This would be perfect piece for a chase through the dark, or just a character creeping around, afraid of being caught, especially if they were journeying through a building they most certainly should not be in..

What does this piece of music make you think of? Got any recommendations for me? What is your favourite piece of instrumental music?

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  1. I love that piece of music! Like you, though, I have never watched Harry Potter, but the music is awesome:)
    -Kat// (Almost) Completely Mad

    1. I'm going to have to find the rest of the music from Harry Potter and listen to that I think. Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy the music without having watched the movie it comes from? Thanks for stopping by.


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