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This Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve been revising my superhero/fairytale retelling novel, Snow. Some of the best revelations in this draft have to do with my characters, who are revealing themselves to be much more complex people than originally expected. It also happens to be time for another Beautiful People link up. And what better way is there for me to share my lovely characters with you than by joining in? This link up, run by Sky@Further Up andFurther In, and Cait@Paper Fury, is designed to let writers share their amazing books and characters with other people, as well as helping them getting to know their books and the people who popular them better.

As per usual, I’m only going to answer five out of the ten questions, but you can find the whole list here if you’re interested. Today, I’m going to focus on Nicola, the secondary main character Snow. Nicola is a bit of a happy-go-lucky kind of girl, who loves all things to do with the beach, and also has the slightly awkward habit of sprouting a tail when submerged in water. Today we’re goin to be discussing the serious matter of her recreation time.

1. What’s their favourite ice cream flavour? For Nicola, life is all about the cookies. She could quite comfortably live off nothing but cookies for the rest of her days. So obviously, her favourite flavour of ice cream is cookie dough, closely followed by triple chocolate. Because the only thing better than cookies is chocolate, right?

2. Your character is getting ready for a night out. Where are they going? What are they wearing? Who will they be with? Nights out are rare when you’re part of a team of professional teenage mutant crime fighters. But if Nicola were going out, she’d definitely be going out with her friends on the team, especially her best friend Sara. Their idea of a great night out would be to go see a movie, and then maybe have dinner as a fast food restaurant. Something totally normal and boring and different from their professional lives. As to clothing? Nicola is all about the jeans shorts and t-shirts with scruffy old sneakers.

3. What kind of book would you catch them reading? I have a terrible confession to make. I think I’m going to have to whisper it. Nicola doesn’t like to read. It’s not my fault if she’s hyperactive, scatterbrained and would rather be off doing something rather than sitting still and reading for long periods of time. If you did catch her reading though, it would most likely be a comic of a graphic novel with plenty of bright pictures to hold her interest.

4. How would they spend their summers (or their holidays)? Holidays are as rare as nights out, but if Nicola could have her choice of how to spend a holiday, it would be all about the beach. She’d spend every waking moment in the sun, sand and surf. Ideally she’d rather be surfing, but tails do tend to make that a little difficult. And it would definitely be spent on her own, or just with a friend or two. It would also involve cookies. Lots of cookies.

5. It’s Saturday at noon. What is your character doing? Give details. Saturday at noon in the mutant base is lunch time and a well-deserved rest after a strenuous morning spent working out to their trainer, Greg’s, standards. Which, according to Nicola, are ridiculously high and impossible to meet. That would be shortly before she spends the afternoon lazing around and not studying for the tests coming up in the next week. Because who studies for Morse code tests until the day before, right?

Are you joining in with Beautiful People this month? Link me to your post. And tell me, what would your character do if they had an entire day to themselves?

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  1. I love the name Nicola! Cookie dough ice cream is quite delicious. And *GASP* a character who doesn't like to read. Still, graphic novels are perfectly lovely in their own way. OOH, Morse Code tests? You have me intrigued here :D

    1. I KNOW! I did not expect to write such an important character who doesn't like to read. Isn't there a rule against that somewhere in the writer code? But graphic novels are indeed quite lovely. Thank you so much for stopping and share this little bit of my character!

  2. These are some cool facts! What kind of tail does she have? I have characters with tails so I'm curious. ;) They may actually be good for surfing because tails are used for balance. I did BP too ^ ^:

    1. She has a fish tail, but I'd love to write a character with another type of tail. It would be interesting to find out what having a tail would do for a person.

    2. Cool! ^ ^ I've theorized balance for my cat-tailed ones anyway. That's what the animals use them for.

    3. I wonder, if a character had more of a monkey tail, whether they would also be able to use them like a third hand?


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