Writing Music: Backwards


In my quest for music outside of my usual artists, I’ve been exploring the work of smaller musicians, such as Matthias. I shared one of his songs a few weeks ago as part of my Romance Round-Up, which you can find here if you missed it, and I’ve been enjoying some of his other songs ever since. He only has a few on his YouTube channel, but they are very evocative in mood, and excellent for inspiration. One piece I’ve been enjoying especially is this week’s Writing Music, a piece called Backwards.

This song is charged with energy and a sense of purpose. The lyrics speak of overcoming problems and moving forward, even when outside forces push you backwards. This song makes me imagine a pivotal scene where a main character is making the choice to take control of their own fate and become proactive in their own story. It suits a scene of decisions and people stepping up to their responsibilities. It’s also quite a motivating song, encouraging you to follow your dreams despite other people trying to control your life.

(Song starts at :22)

What sort of scene do you think this would suit? Do you listen to smaller musicians? What are you listening to this week? What songs motivate you to chase your dreams?

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  1. Ooh, this is pretty cool! I'm loving your Writing Music series -- keeps me inspired while I slog through Camp NaNo XD I love how you contextualise them especially.

    1. I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy this series. I listen to so much music in my everyday life that I just want to share it with everyone. Music is one of the best things for helping you get through the hard parts of Camp NaNo. I hope your Camp is going really well.

  2. Imogen, I normally listen to Royals by Lorde, Shower by Becky G and Disney songs. I might try this song sometime while writing. How's Camp NaNoWriMo going? Mine novel is going pretty well :)

    1. I love Disney songs for character inspiration. My Camp's going pretty well actually. I'm a little ahead of goal, and loving the way my book is turning out. How's your book going now?


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