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I’m in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo at the moment, which means the writer has vanished into the cave of rewriting until the end of the month. But while I’m busy wrangling with stubborn plot points and obstinate characters, I’ve also been enjoying the blog posts of my fellow writerly bloggers. Today I’d like to share a round-up of five awesome bookish posts I’ve enjoyed the most in the month of July so far.

Ana@Butterflies of the Imagination

In this post, Ana discusses an interesting question: should books have content ratings like movies do? Whether you agree they should or not, it’s certainly an interesting discussion. Plus there are loads of interesting thoughts down in the comments as well.

Heather@Sometimes I’m a Story

Heather raises an interesting question here. Do writers have a responsibility to publish what they write? Is it their duty, if they have something to say and are reasonably good at writing, to share what they write? Or is it ok for writers to write simply because they enjoy it and not worry about having to publish anything?

Cait@Paper Fury

I’m sure we’ve all heard of at least one writer who has behaved badly on the internet. Or we know super nice writers that we just want to love. Cait has an interesting discussion wherein she discusses whether that affects her opinion of these writers and their books. Again, there’s a great discussion down in the comments as well.

Stephanie@Go Teen Writers

If you’re anything like me, then you struggle with book beginnings and where to start the book. This is an excellent post that has some simple tips to let you know if you’re starting in the right place, and what should be in the first scenes. It’s a great resource, especially if, like me, you’re rewriting at the moment.

Candice@O Ye Scribes

Wherein we see the return of Candice’s brilliant posts where she uses the thesaurus to retitle some famous books. The result is hilariousness itself. If you haven’t read it yet, you definitely need to hop over and check it out. It’s worth it, I promise.

These are just some of the amazing posts I’ve been reading recently. What posts have caught your eye in July? Anything on this list you hadn’t read before? And if you’re taking part in Camp NaNo, how are you getting on? 

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  1. These are great links, thank you!

    1. I'm always happy to share the cool things I find around the blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by Jamie.

  2. Thanks for mentioning me! I really appreciate it. These are some really interesting discussion points—I must go and check out the ones I have not seen.

    1. Thank you for writing such excellent posts. I always enjoy reading them, and I get quite excited to see a new one in my feed. Not that I've been very good about commenting on them, but I read them all.

  3. There's some awesome posts here that I haven't read, I need to go check them out! Thanks so much for mentioning my post! And good luck with your rewriting! :)


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