Writing Music: Your Suggestions #4


As I promised last week, when we took a break from the Your Suggestions series, we’re back, with another three amazing pieces suggested by you guys. I’ve been really enjoying listening to all your suggestions, and loving having the chance to share them with everyone. But, before we get into the music, I want to know, would you like this series to continue? Or would you rather go back to having all the usual Writing Music posts? Please let me know in the comments. And now, onto the music!

Memories-Within Temptation
(Thanks to Jos R.)

This song and its accompanying music video give me an instant feel of fantasy. To me, it conjures up images of an exiled fantasy princess who left their world to save their people. It has quite a melancholy feel to it. If you’re looking for a burst of fantasy inspiration, you might like to give this song a listen, though it may not be the best for listening to while actually writing.

Often A Bird-Wim Mertens
(Thanks to Topaz Winters)

This delicate orchestral piece has a very strong fairytale feel to it in my opinion. To me, it would perfectly suit a calm, happy scene in a castle, especially at the beginning of a ball, like a Cinderella ball. It might also suit scenes in a contemporary like a school prom involving a love story. Or it would suit just about any pleasant scene in a country setting.

Broadchurch Main Theme

Victoria suggested I listen to this soundtrack (and I hope I got the right one!) and I fell in love with the main theme to this show. It has a darker feel to it with a rising intensity that feels like a scene right before an important even such as a big battle. It would particularly suit sci-fi, dystopian, post-apocalyptic, or any other futuristic sort of book.

So, tell me, do you want to see this series continue in the future, maybe spaced out with more normal Writing Music posts? What are you listening to at the moment? If you’re participating on NaNoWriMo next month, what music is getting you pumped to write?

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  1. Wow, love that second video! Very beautiful with such a nice touch of suspense! :D

    1. I have to admit I never heard of it before, but it's so gorgeous. All those lovely light sounds. And yes, just that touch of suspense keeping you engaged with the piece. I love it. Thanks for stopping by, Jamie.

  2. I like these because they all seem like they have undertones of regret and bittersweetness. They were all lovely!

    1. I did seem to find rather a theme with these ones, didn't I? I always find it harder to find the bittersweet ones though, so it's nice to have a few to pull out occasionally. Thank you for stopping to listen!

  3. I really like these posts. I read/listen to them every time they come up. ^ ^ That's so cool that you selected a piece from the Broachurch soundtrack and yes that's the right one. ^ ^


    1. I'm so glad you like them! Music and writing are so connected for me it only feel right to share the music along with the writing. But I always wonder whether people are enjoying these posts, so it's so good to hear that you do!


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