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Snow has made exciting progress this week. After much brainstorming and working through plot and character problems with my ever faithful brainstorming buddy and sister, I finally started editing Snow for real today. So far, progress has been pretty smooth, which is good considering I struggle with beginnings. I’ve managed to edit 4k/9 pages today and so far I’m feeling pretty good about them. They’re not perfect of course, but they’re a hundred times better than they were.

Anyway, with the third draft of Snow officially underway, I feel it’s time to share those excerpts I’ve been promising for a couple of weeks now. And what better way to do that than to link up with Snazzy Snippets, hosted by Alyssa@TheDevil Orders Takeout and Emily@Loony Literate. Seeing as this is a new draft with huge swaths of new (and hopefully better) writing, I’ll only be sharing excerpts from the edited sections of book. So, without further ado, let’s share some excerpts.

A snippet from page 16

I’m not actually up to page 16 yet, so I’ll share an excerpt from page 6 instead:

(Nicola’s POV)

Reluctantly, Nicola rose to the surface. It was never enough. No matter how long she spent in the pool, she always wanted more time. More water. Underwater, she felt like she belonged. More than she ever did up here at any rate.

Her head broke the surface. A couple of strokes of her tail, and Nicola was out of the water, sitting on the edge of the pool. Dragging her wet hair out of her face, she heaved her tail out of the water. It always took a few moments to split back into her usual legs. A tingle ran over her skin. Nicola puffed out a sigh. Pity.

A snippet of 16 words or fewer

(Eric’s POV)“Wanna pick on someone? Try bullying someone who doesn’t make you look like a big wuss.”

A snippet about something NEW
e.g. a new year, new school, introducing a new person/character/setting, a new revelation

(Nicola’s POV)
Bethany was first, creeping in through the door like she was afraid of what she might find inside. Maybe she was. Who knew? Since Nicola had been in this facility, she hadn’t spoken more than six words to Bethany. What she did all day was anyone’s guess. Every time Nicola spotted her, she was floating around like a lost ghost, hair falling over her face. She moved to the very end of the long sofa, drawing her feet up underneath her. For an empath, she didn’t show an awful lot of emotion.

The next person to step through the door brought a frown to Nicola’s face. Megan. Telepath, team leader, and all around pain in the backside. She was eighteen and walked around like she was thirty eight. Her eyes landed on Nicola for a fraction of a second before sweeping on, and Nicola could have sworn her nose lifted another couple of degrees in the air. Her whole attitude made Nicola sick, strutting around like she owned the place and everyone in it.

The question was, where was Jonathon? Actually, stupid question. In the lab as usual. Being a super genius hadn’t done anything for his memory, because he was late to everything. Nicola expected to see him when the door swung open again, but instead of the gangly nerd, Alison stepped in, followed by their trainers and Sara’s parents, Sharon and Greg. Nicola scooted further down in the beanbag until she was practically on her back. Team meeting. Bo-ring.

What do you think of these excerpts? Are you joining up with Snazzy Snippets? Link me to your post! And tell me, where are you in the writing process at the moment?

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  1. OMG I love mermaid stories yay! I love Nicola's voice -- so much sass, eeep. :D And it's interesting that Nicola can switch between mermaid and human forms -- I am so intrigued by this! Thanks for linking up with us :)

    1. Me too! I love Nicola to bits. Honestly, sassy characters like her are my favourites. She gets her own story later in the series actually, a retelling of The Little Mermaid. Considering what sort of person she is, this should be...interesting. Thank you for hosting this link-up!

  2. Ooh, these are so good! I think the first one especially intrigued me, but they're all so good. :D Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by and reading them Liz! You've given me the encouragement I needed to get back to work on my editing today.

  3. OoOoOOOOOO these are so intriguing! Telepaths! Yes! MERMAIDS. DOUBLE YES. Thanks for linking up with us, lovely <3 <3

    1. Thank you for hosting this link up! I love being given an excuse to talk about books and share excerpts with all the other writers.


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