Writing Excerpt: Meet Fish


 Day two of Camp NaNoWriMo, and my month has started well. I'm a little ahead of goal for the first day, and the characters have already taken over the book. In fact, they've taken over so much that they have already introduced another character I'd never thought of before. Today I'd like you to meet Fish, best friend of Ember/Lee. He's very skinny, more than slightly weird, and got a definite gift of the gab. And he's loads of fun to write. This is shaping up to be a great Camp so far.


“Hey, Lee.” A skinny boy who, looked closer to twelve than sixteen, ran out of the white gate of the house next door as Lee passed by on his way to school. “Wait for me. Hey, wait up.” His arms and legs flopped in all directions as he ran to join Lee.

“Hey Fish. Glad you could make it.” Lee gave him a grin and the two bumped knuckles. “Mother trouble again?”

“Sure was.” Fish planted on hand on his hip and looked down his long nose at Lee. “Francis Ishmael Smithon-Harris. Do you mean to bring disgrace on this family by going out in those daggy old pants? And is that a dirty line on your neck? You didn’t shower this morning, did you? What am I going to do with you Francis.”

Lee grinned at his friend’s mimicry of his mum. “And so you were late. One of these days I’m actually going to leave without you, and then where will you be?”


“You wound me.” Fish clapped both hands to his chest like he’d been shot. “I wouldn’t say I lie. I’m just very good at bending the truth for mutual gain on all sides.”

“Like how you managed to get a triple serving of chocolate cake at that party?” Lee gave his friend a push. “That’s a gain for everyone?”

“Hey, at least I shared it with you.” Fish pouted. “That was a gain for both of us, don’t you think so?”

“Good point.” Lee grinned. “What would I do without you?”

“Not eat so much cake for one thing. "


How have your characters surprised you? How has your first day of Camp been? Got any interesting excerpts to share?

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  1. Camp has been going well for me! I love it when my characters take over the story - it makes things a whole lot more interesting. Your story sounds good. Nice humor!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that your Camp has been going well. The characters always seem to know what's best for the story, even though I hate to admit it. They're completely rebelling at the moment. They're following the plot, but the details? Let's just say I don't have any say. Thanks! I'm enjoying writing it very much.


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