Beautiful People: July


Once against it’s time for the Beautiful People link up (which I have managed to wait until the last day of the month to join in with.) Beautiful People is a link up for writers to get to know and share their characters with other people. You can find out more about this tag HERE if you’re interested. Thanks to Notebook Sisters and Further Up and Further In for hosting this link-up. As before, I'm only answering a few of the ten questions asked for this month.

For this edition of Beautiful People I'm going to be using Nicola. She is short, blue haired, aquatic mutant from my series of rewritten fairy tales. She's currently one of my favourite characters to write, and I can't wait to give her a book of her own.

What’s their favourite food? (Bonus: favourite flavour of chocolate!)
Nicola’s favourite food is double chocolate chip cookies, best served with a large cup of strong coffee. It does however, have a tendency to make her a bit hyper. Not that she isn’t overly energetic normally. She’s always bubbling with energy. As to her favourite flavour of chocolate, in her mind, there is no such thing as bad chocolate. All chocolate is her favourite flavour.

What do they absolutely hate?
Any form of work. Nicola, while being a likeable, bubbly person isn’t above trying to get out of work at any opportunity that presents itself. Which she seems to have quite a talent for really.

Are they a night owl or morning person?
Definitely a night owl. Nicola wakes up so grumpy that it’s not advisable for anyone to approach her before she’s had her morning coffee and a swim. But she’s always far too hyped up to go to bed at any decent time at night.

Do they say everything that pops into their head, or leave a lot unsaid?
Nicola is the definition of untactful in the extreme. Often her friends actually have to hush her up before she speaks her mind and makes a problem worse. However it does make her a very honest person, and you can always be sure that her immediate reaction is the most truthful.

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  1. She's got so much personality! I love her already!

    1. Thanks Andrea. I'm trying very much not to let her take over, but she's very good at worming her way into everything!

  2. Blue hair?! Blue hair is awesome. (Not that mine is blue or anything, but it is the best colour and just somehow makes me think the character is going to be super spunky. xD) Her favourite food, though?! OH GOSH. WE NEED TO BE BEST FRIENDS, NICOLA AND I.

    1. She just popped up with the blue hair and refused to let me change the colour. If you like her favourite food, then I think you would be firm friends for life. If she didn't drive you crazy first.

  3. I so want to meet Nicola! She sounds so awesome:)
    I love your blog. Your writing is so good! Have you ever heard of Wattpad? It's an online site to share your novels on. You might be interested in it:)
    (Almost) Completely Mad

    1. She's very fun to write. Thank you! I really like your blog too. It's so pretty. I am hopeless at blog design. I've heard of Wattpad a couple of times. Some other young writers I know post in it, but I haven't yet got enough courage to post anything big! But maybe in the future (once just posting an excerpt on this blog doesn't seem like such a big deal). Thanks for stopping to visit!


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