Spotlight: Kat @ (Almost) Completely Mad


One of my most encouraging readers is Kat, from the blog (Almost) Completely Mad. She always leaves encouraging comments on my blog posts that make my day when I read them. I knew I was going to like her blog as soon as I read its name. It has an awesome title. And the rest of the blog lives up to expectations.

Kat posts many different things on her blog, and one of my favourites is her pieces of flash fiction. Every piece of writing is posted with a beautiful picture that illustrate the feelings in the writing perfectly. It can be very difficult to put one’s writing out in the world for everyone to read, but I for one always enjoy reading what Kat comes up with.

If there is one blogger I would like to support this week, it would be Kat. Her encouragement, her interesting blog and her fun personality make her a blogger that I am lucky to have had the chance to get to know. Thank you for being so awesome Kat!

Have you visited Kat’sblog yet? Why not hop over and leave her an encouraging comment?

Come and join the fun on the Gossiping with Dragons Facebook page. There is awesome music, inspiring quotes, helpful articles and other fun things. I’d love to see you there.

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  1. Kat is an amazing writer! Her comments male my day too!

    cathy | hello, cathy

    1. She's such a friendly person. I would love to be such an awesome encourager as she is. Thanks for stopping by my blog Cathy.

  2. I have seen her comment but for some reason never clicked thru to her blog! I'm definitely going to go say hello ^_^ I love features like this - it's so awesome to see you connecting with your regular commenters :D

    1. Well, I figure these people have stuck with me and been so amazing that I should do something, no matter how small to show my appreciation. I'm thinking of doing more of these in the future actually. Thank you for stopping to comment. You always brighten my day.


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