Top Ten Characters I Would Have on My Lunch Table


I was homeschooled for my whole life, so I never sat on a lunch table at school, but that doesn’t stop me from imagining who I would sit with if I could sit with anyone I liked. For this week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, I’m listing the top ten characters I would love to have sitting at my table. Apparently, according to this list, I like funny characters. Also, according to this list, I have no idea what a real school is like.

1. Leo Valdez
The Lost Hero

This guy is fun in a box. He can make anything out of pipe cleaners and a rubber band, loves to joke around, and is a little hyperactive. Or a lot hyperactive. He’d be a bit of a walking fire hazard, but at least you wouldn’t have to worry about cold food. Lunch certainly wouldn’t get boring with Leo around to keep things lively.
2. Kat Bishop
Heist Society

Kat is fun and daring and would probably be the one to walk across the roof of the school for a dare. What’s more, she’d get away with it too. Not to mention that she would think up awesome pranks to play on people.

3. Gansey
Raven Boys

Gansey is pretty smart, and he really likes magic. After all, he’s been tracking down a source of magic for months now, so we have a fair bit in common. Plus he knows someone with a family of psychics so we’d probably get advanced warning of pop quizzes.

4. Otto Malpense

No table would be complete without its resident nerd. Or in this case a resident genius. Otto has a brain like a computer, so if anyone could help out with last minute homework, it would be him. Or he could hack into the school computer system and randomly play YouTube videos on the projector during a boring lesson.

5. Wally
A Little Bush Maid

I’d have Wally on my table purely for the fun factor. I can only remember a handful of times when Wally has actually been serious. He would make any lunchtime a bundle of laughs. 


James is another character I’d pick purely because of his sense of humour. And his kilt. I could imagine him turning up to school wearing his kilt just for a laugh, or playing his bagpipes in the lunch room to get a rise out of the other students.

7. Sadie Kane
Kane Chronicles

Nobody messes with Sadie. She’s got a magic wand, combat boots, and a cat called Muffin who just so happens to turn into an Egyptian goddess. That’s a pretty cool combination. All in all, she would just be an epic person to spend time with.

8. Bartimaeus
The Amulet of Samarkand

Every good lunch table needs a shape changing spirit from another world. Bartimaeus is good at impersonating people, which would be very useful for some of Kat’s pranks. He also happens to be useful in case of danger, enemies, or attacks of complete and utter boredom.

9. The Hatter
Looking Glass Wars

Ok, so the Hatter isn’t really school-aged, and he doesn’t even appear school-aged like Bartimaeus can, but I had to pick him because of his truly awesome hat and his fighting skills. No bully is going to pick on me and my friends when you have a soldier wielding a weaponized hat to protect you.

10. Kiki Strike
Inside the Shadow City

Kiki Strike has a bit of everything. She’s got the brains, the research skills, a spirit of adventure, and a few nice fighting moves. She might not eat much lunch, being allergic to pretty much every type of food, but the after school adventures would be epic.

Who would sit on your lunch table at school?

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  1. I love the characters you chose. I have plenty of books to look up now!

    1. Thanks! I might have gone overboard on the funny characters, but to be honest, they're my favourite sort. And if I get to sit with anyone I like, why not sit with people who are going to be fun to be around, right? I'm glad to have been able to suggest some new books to you.

  2. So interesting, you are the third person that was homeschooled whose link I have clicked this morning. I am surprised to see one, much less three! I was not homeschooled but my children are. Seems like they might be in good company! Somehow I have not read a single book from your list! Heist Society looks like fun though, I need to read it!

    1. Wow, what are the chances of that? I wouldn't have thought that so many homeschoolers would have taken part in such a school themed link-up. Guess we just love the idea of a lunch time filled with awesome characters. I know I couldn't resist. It's so nice to meet you. Your kids are definitely in good company. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is a super fun read for me, especially because just yesterday I posted something similar on my blog and Otto Malpense was one of my guests too! I loved reading your choices--I wouldn't have thought to add Leo, but now that I think about it he'd be a great friend!

    1. I loved your post on Artemis' dinner party. That's such a great idea. It's interesting to think about who would make a good guest, isn't it? There are some characters I love, but I would never invite them for dinner. I have a terrible feeling with some of them that the big end-of-the-world button would get pushed at some point during the meal.

    2. Absolutely! For example, I do indeed enjoy watching the Incredible Hulk sometimes, but would I want him in my house? That's a definite no.

    3. Exactly! I'd love to meet Bruce Banner, but there's no way I'm inviting him round to dinner. Not unless I want him to destroy my whole village. We all saw what he did to Harlem!

  4. Ooooh Kat Bishop. She's pretty interesting and I know she'd have some amazing stories to share. How have I not read more of these books?!

    1. I keep reading other people's posts and wondering the very same thing. There are just so many amazing sounding books and awesome characters out there. Why haven't I managed to meet more of them yet?

  5. Kat Bishop and Kiki Strike! Yes, I would totally have them at my table too!!! I'd feel like the whole school was at my fingertips with the two of them around:)

    1. I have to say, they'd make a fearsome pair, wouldn't they? Nothing would be safe with those two around. But they're so fun.

  6. Leo would be so much fun!
    Congrats, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award!
    Go here for explanations on what to do next!

    1. He is such a bundle of laighs, isn't he? I would totally be friends with him if he were real. Thank you for the nomination. I'll hop over and check it out right away!

  7. Bartimaeus, ahaha yes. Also, you were homeschooled?! -hops up and down with excitement- I was too!! I mean, there's not really any reason for me to get super excited now considering I'm 25,'s still cool. :D


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